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Green Fire Bricks

Eco Fire BricksQuality Services is now offering a alternative to cord fire wood. EZ Bricks take the mess out of firewood and replace it with an economical, cleaner and environmentally friendlier solution.

There are no bugs, spiders, fungus, or mess in your garage or house. The bricks produce less than 1% ash. They are made from kiln dried wood of less than 10% moisture compared to your best dried firewood of 25% or more moisture. This results in cleaner hotter burns resulting in less creosote and cleaner smoke than from fossil fuels.

These bricks can be used in fireplaces, wood burning stoves, furnaces, and fire pits in your back yard or camping. They can also be used to cook with in your grill or in wood burning ovens in restaurants. A ton is equivalent to a cord of firewood and takes ˝ the storage space. Each brick is consistent size for easier storage than firewood. They are shrink wrapped in bundles weighing 22 to 25 pounds. They are considered CO2 neutral because the waste they are manufactured from extract more CO2 from the atmosphere than the logs emit when burned for heat. The bricks will hold fires over night in most stoves and put out more BTU’s than firewood.


Each brick weighs 3 to 4 pounds – 6 brick to the bundle-22 pounds per shrink wrapped bundle-100 bundles per skid – skid weighing in at 2200 pounds.

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